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Visual Merchandising Guidelines for retailers

I can work with your business on a freelance basis to create bespoke VM Training Guidelines. Guidelines can be created to assist your staff in understanding window dressing, mannequin styling and visual merchandising techniques. Creating store or brand guidelines can help to create a strong, consistent Visual Merchandising look which enables your customer to recognise your brand, as well as ensuring great VM standards.

Creating consistent and on brand VM Guidelines gives your staff the tools to create and understand great Visual Merchandising and Window Displays. I work with both Independent retailers as well as multiple stores.

This work is carried out as a bespoke project and can be tailored to suit your business requirements.

Our Service

This service can be carried out virtually and in person, so great for both our UK and overseas customers. I can travel to your store or HQ prior to preparing your guidelines alternately photos and information can be sent to us online.

  • Guidelines are usually put together by our in-house Graphics Designer, Paul.
    Paul uses programmes, Photoshop and Illustrator to create the design whilst I will write all the content.
  • The core basis of the guidelines works around the main principles used within the industry for Window Dressing
    and Visual Merchandising. We will then incorporate your brand image/style and any company guidelines.
  • Completed guidelines can then be sent over to you as digital copies and we can also arrange these to be produced as printed manuals.
  • Clients have complete copywrite of any guidelines we produce.
  • Upon completion training sessions with myself can be arranged to assist with rolling out the training guidelines across the business.

I have recently partnered with Ankorstart, a support program offered by Ankorstore, Europe’s leading B2B marketplace.

In this exciting partnership, I will be using my expertise in Visual Merchandising techniques to help independent retail shops thrive. Visual Merchandising is not just about making your store look visually pretty; it’s also about understanding the fundamental principles that attract customers, create positive experiences, and ultimately drive sales. By implementing these techniques effectively, you can significantly enhance the success of your retail business.

Click the link below to find out more about Ankorstart’s support program for retailers.