Spring Window Dressing at Tower Bridge London

by | Apr 29, 2024

For my April blog post I wanted to share with you the Spring windows which I installed this month at Tower Bridge. The front two windows as well as the in store display areas incorporated a late Spring theme using butterflies and bees. This was also a great opportunity to showcase a new range of kids merchandise and baby clothing within the main window space.

The side window now showcases an installation to celebrate the birthday of  Bella, The Tower Bridge Cat ! I dressed this window using navy, red and white paper party decorations to compliment the Tower Bridge Cat merchandise.

In my experience, the four Visual Merchandising principles ( Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Repetition and Alternation ) are my main toolbox of techniques that I apply when I am Window Dressing. When styling the window displays at Tower Bridge I typical use the Symmetrical pyramid principle. Key techniques to consider when creating a symmetrical window display are ;

Symmetrical – Symmetrical compositions create a very balanced/ mirror image group which is comfortable on the eye. The symmetrical way of dressing merchandise comes from the concept of the pyramid. This will allow customers to look at all merchandise within this composition very easily and quickly – hence creating an eye-catching display. The top of the symmetrical pyramid creates an eye level focal point for the customer. This is the most important location, as this is the place where the customer eye focuses upon first, so position priority merchandise/ brands here.


Back to Tower Bridge, check out the forthcoming Spring events, including the free open air exhibition to celebrate the forthcoming 130 year anniversary of Tower Bridge at their website below;



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Spring Window Dressing at Tower Bridge London Sarah Manning
Spring Window Dressing at Tower Bridge London Sarah Manning