Top Visual Merchandising Tips For Retailers Post Covid-19

by | Jun 10, 2020

During this time of most retailers now starting to re-open I thought it would be useful to detail some key Visual Merchandising tips to assist retailers post Covid 19 ;

1. Make an impact within your window displays to really welcome your customers back to your store ! Your window displays are one of your stores/ brands biggest advertising spaces – so create a scheme which reflects your brand image and will appeal to your customers.
2. Ideas for window display installations could also follow trends for celebrating and conservation of our planet ! Great inspiration can be taken from brand’s like Selfridges with their ” Project Earth and Thank you” concepts.
3. Create interaction within your window and use QR codes so that customers can interact with you virtually via their smart phones.
4. Consider creating some type of entertainment within your queuing system , this could be by window displays or by interactive links on your store front.
5. Colour trends describe using calming, peaceful and natural colours which will uplift our mood – I would recommend using these pastel shades and colours inspired by nature within your Visual Merchandising scheme to uplift your customers.
6. I always recommend for retailers to have a hot-spot or promotional space at the front of their store, this is an area which usually reflects the same merchandise or scheme which is shown in the window. Due to social distancing you may need to reconsider adding additional hot spot areas throughout the store layout, so that customers can shop these more affectively. This can be seen in the photo below where we have created a jewellery display table which can be shopped in different locations on the table.
7. This also goes for your store layout – you will need to relook at your store layout plan to ensure social distancing is in place and that all areas are assessible for your customers. The Food Market image below shows examples of clear, 2 m walkways which have been implemented to ensure effective customer flow into each department.
8. Clear and consistent signage throughout your store will assist you in creating more effective customer flow. Consider looking into floor talkers, which are floor vinyl’s / graphics, can really help with this.
9. Finally consider all link selling possibilities – how can you combine products together to encourage more link selling ?

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