Visual Merchandising Consultancy For St Albans Museums & Galleries

by | Jun 28, 2021

It was great to be back working with the retail team at St Albans Museum & Gallery ahead of their reopening this month.

I spent the day helping the team with the re merchandising of their store, implementing the practical Visual Merchandising techniques that I had taught them during a bespoke Visual Merchandising training course towards the end of 2020.

We created a strong hot spot space at the front of the store which featured local merchandise from the St Albans area, which should create a great focus for their customers once they re open. Also, focusing upon creating key sections for Kids, Books and Gifting.

The practical on site visit was beneficial to re look at the store layout and adjust this to create more effective customer flow throughout the space.
I wish the retail team every success for their reopening this month !

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